About Us

In 1957 after Helmut Rosenbush and Manfred Freissle saw an opportunity to supply woven wire screens to the South African mining sector and Screenex Wire Weaving was founded. The two founders were true entrepreneurs and the business grew exponentially over the next few decades. Mister Freissle believed strongly in knowing his customers personally and building strong business relationships. The business relationship was based on mutual trust and Screenex was renowned for the quality of its products and its personalised service.

The modular polyurethane screen panels now used globally was designed and patented by Screenex in 1972. This was a revolutionary products and changed the shape of ore screening forever. There has been no comparable invention in the field since then. The introduction of the new screen panel also necessitated the development of new support frames. Screenex’s very popular and efficient ‘Pipe Top’ stringers is a result of this. Another product that flowed from modular screen panel was the development of the DDX system which allowed the user to change his single deck vibrating to an effective double deck system.

Our Factory

In 2000 Screenex started using rubber to make panels for specific applications. This was another first in the industry. Fine aperture and larger aperture panels were injection moulded, not compression moulded, for the first time. The panels showed great abrasion and impact resistance. The elastic nature of the rubber prevented fines build up on the panels which caused other screen panels to blind thus improving efficiency of the deck. Rubber panels are available in various compounds.

Over the years Screenex also started branches in other countries and even founded a sister company in the USA which carried on the same tradition.

In 2006 the founders, Messrs Freissle and Rosenbush sold the company – Mr Rosenbush to retire to his farm in Rustenburg and Mister Freissle to semi retire and to assist his son in running the sister company in the USA. Since then the company was sold to 2 large global companies, Weatherford International and Bilfinger. Recently the company was sold to a private investor and is now going from strength to strength.